animate = make vivid

"Animate = make vivid" was a film project started and led by Stanislaw Przybylski, who is an animator educated at Konstfack in Sweden.


The target group of the project were senior citizens with disabilities who were supposed to make animation together with professional animators. The title of the project combines animation as a way of making living pictures  and older people's enormous need for life, energy and new activities.


The result of this project was an animated short film "The Great Drama at Tuvan". The film has been broadcast by the Swedish national television.


Since 2012 Stanislaw has worked with different film projects with older people in different parts of Sweden.


English version

Epub  /  PDF


Epub  /  PDF

In October 2017 it's been 10 years since Stanislaw P. Linder started the first animation project with senior citizens. To celebrate this Stanislaw has published in English a re-edition of a book previously in Swedish: "How to animate with the elderly".

You can download the book for free from iBooks and also here at this website, both as an Epub or a PDF.


I'm happy to offer this book for free. However any donations would make it easier for me to maintain this website and continue my work with animation and senior citizens.




Here you can watch the animated movie "The Great Drama at Tuvan" made by senior citizens at the Tuvan over 60s club in Eksjö, Sweden.

Watch more animations made together with senior citizens on Vimeo.

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